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WPPI Roadtrip Seattle-August 2010


Seriously, my cup is full.  Isaiah and I had the opportunity to attend WPPI Road trip a month or so back and got to see what it was like to hang with people who love photography nearly as much or more than us. People who spoke our language in letters and numbers, who drooled over lenses and shared wedding album horror stories.  People who love capturing images and who had/have or are trying to be good photographers.  This is what took us there.
I dont want to be trendy.  I dont want to be in.  I want to be good & I know Isaiah feels the same way.  We want to pay homage to the “greats.”  We want to understand the craft & not just be another person with a digital camera that can come across a lucky shot every once and a while.

WPPI was so amazing.  SO encouraging and so, for me, confirmation of the path that I believe God has for me and us.  As Zack Arias’s puts it” I just want to be able to pay my bills with a camera” and in my case, meet my husband for coffee in the middle of the day.

The main attraction, although there were many amazing photogs there: Dawn Sheilds, Kurt Voclain and a personal favorite of ours, Jim & Katarina Garner, was Jasmine Star.  Jasmine Star is one of the best in the game, according to American Photo Magazine/Photo District News and me (not that I matter).  She makes photography seem effortless and every picture tells a story of romance.  If you follow Jasmine at all, her voice is so strong and if you are a regular on her blog, she easily becomes a friend.

I knew I was going to meet Jasmine, because I wasn’t going to allow myself to be so close to a “Beyonce” of the photography world and not act. So, I did just that.  I met Jasmine Star.  It was made easier by my “speaking-back-at-the-preacher-in-church” mentality, which also won us a 1 year subscription to SHOWIT–which is super exciting!  Explain Tasha, you say??!  Well,  Jasmine was in the middle of her speech about her journey thru/in photography and was talking about the insanely expensive albums and I talked back.  I agreed.  Isaiah, had just gotten on me for how extra I was being at the conference and that same EXTRA is what won us a SHOWIT site.  Afterwards I went and chatted with JD, introduced Isaiah and then shared a few words with Jasmine & contrary to rumors and popular belief she is truly the sweetest ever!

Below is a video that I often watch when Im feeling discouraged, uninspired, defeated, and sucky.  It gives me hope.  It reminds me of Jasmine’s story.  It reminds me to hang on to my dream and that being me is what’s going to sell.  Not being _______________<—————( insert your fave photog to stalk in the blank).  No one can be Latasha Haynes.  No one can be me.

Two quotes from this video that give me chills and make me think below.

“we all have something that no body else has, something that makes us truly unique, and its us, its WHO WE ARE, and whether you believe it or not, its interesting and its unique and its beautiful!”

‎” i failed a lot more than i ever succeeded. i think that how life works you fail a lot more and the more you fail, the more you succeed, so here to many more failures!”

video here:  http://www.jasminestarblog.com/index.cfm?postID=798&wppi-promo-video

I didnt learn anything new from Jasmine that day, so to speak, except to be okay being me and accepting my journey in photography.  Its mine and its not going to be like anyone else’s and I wouldn’t want it anyway else and that I have something to share…..

thru my own lens, that only I can do.

to check out more of Jasmine’s work visit: www.jasminestarblog.com

The proofs in the picture!