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from now on…………


I want to spend the time become a better photographer.  Studying.  Reading & Practicing.  Although I am thankful for all of the people who have supported us to this point and think we are fantastic–the words “amazing,” “the best” and “photographer” although fitting in fleeting moments have become such big shoes to fill and neither of us feel ready or deserving & dont know that we ever will.
We arent interested in being trendy or in.  We dont want to be the photographer that everyone thinks is cool–we just want to be good, at capturing moments, of getting the shot right the first time & not having to take 25 of the same pose in hopes of coming out with 1 great picture.  We want to know photography so well, that we can be confident 100% in our gifting.

So in a effort to move this forward/I want to spend less time blogging/less time posting on Facebook & more time on using this gift to honor God the best way I know how and that will only come thru practice and study.  I want to a more balanced life/with my friends/with my husband and the only way to get that is to start by making this step.

From now on teasers/sneak peeks will be reserved for this blog and this blog only (ok, maybe not entirely true, but I plan to try my hardest to stick with that)! They will be images that stand out to me from the shoot, so likely not the best, likely not the most memorable, but things that remind me the intimate time I was allowed to spend shooting shooting our awesome clients.  Im sure I’ll still get the urge to post a picture that makes me smile, but only after its here first & blog post are going to be limited to 3-7 images per post/so that we might be able to more quickly get your images in hand, to you, and spend less time on showcasing them on here (and maybe, just maybe, sleep once in a while)!  They are your pictures, your moments………….  I want you to be the first person to share them with the world!

Thank you all so much for your support up to now!  We are so excited about the future and what God has for us, because as far as we are concerned, this is His and for His glory!