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The Venzke’s


Every once in a while you come across a person you instantly click with & time and space are a non-issue because that person gets you and understands you with little to no effort.  That’s how I feel about Molly.  I met Molly at new member orientation for my church a little over a year ago.  She was talking about praise and worship and how it wasn’t just a song or a thing that we did Sunday at church, but it was life, everything we do in life, from the merely insignificant (in our minds) to the huge abounding tasks.  Afterwards she came over and introduced herself to me and a friend and I felt a total instant love for her.
I have spent very little time with Molly, but every minute that I have had the honor of being around her has been purposeful and without waste.  There is never a missed moment for connection and we dive RIGHT in.  I feel like we have shared more in the total 1hr we have had to talk, then I have shared with people I have known literally my whole life.

I got to spend a afternoon with Molly and Jay (her husband) and their 3 sweet little girls, and although little was said between she and I–it just confirmed all of the reasons that I have grown to love her so deeply.  She is a fantastic mother and has a husband who absolutely adores her.  She serves our congregation like no other and I am almost positive if she weren’t around it would leave our church crippled–thats how big her impact is.  I know that’s not true… ENTIRELY, we’d figure a way to make it, but I would never want to find out!

Below, are a few moments that touched me and brought sweet smiles to my face–not the best or the most priceless pictures, but just the ones that really to me show what this family is all about!

and the girls with their sweet nanny, Gabby