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Sonnie Rae + her sweet family! {Tacoma, WA Family Photographer}


so the night I came home to tell Isaiah I wanted to be a photographer………  Sonnie was there too!  My dear friend Sonnie, who before I knew I wanted to be a photographer, would let me practice on her and her sweet girls!
It was so fun, to a year later, to really show her what I had learned over the last year and put it to work on her beautiful family.

Sonnie wanted to plan this shoot around her newest little one, Amiri and his first birthday–so this shoot, although family was really to celebrate his 1 year of impact on the earth & let me be the first to say that this little one is a firecracker and will definitely light his own path in this world! Im so excited to watch this sweet boy grow up!

We originally had plans to shoot at Pt. Defiance park, but as Isaiah and I were driving the waterfront to get there, I noticed this clearing next to the Lobster shop lined with beautiful fall trees, in bright oranges and yellows & I slammed on the brakes, called Sonnie and redirected her.  We did the entire shoot in this one location and the BOKEH (focused blur for non-photogs) so creamy and beautiful!

I so love Sonnie and I am proud of the example that she has set for her children.  They are some of the kindest/sweetest/most well-rounded kids I have ever met and they truly and genuinely love and honor God!  Its so beautiful to watch them interact with each other and with other people!  Sonnie I have easily known since we were about twelve years old & this beauty, besides being stunningly gorgeous–after three children–is one of the strongest overcoming people I have ever met!  Get to know them through pictures below:

so this is what 3 children look like……….  FANTASTIC!
look at his little Tom’s : I am in love!
and a few outtakes: