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The Ruiz: Julio + Brenna {Tacoma, WA Family Photographer}

This photo shoot was so special to me because it was the first one purchased as a gift to someone else!  That makes is special because someone thought enough of our work to want to bless someone else with it & for me its humbling and a total compliment.  When my very dear friend Isabel called me to book a shoot for her little brother as a surprise it made me smile, especially when I found out they had a sweet daughter who needed new pictures.  Nothing makes me happier than pictures (besides like my friends or my family or, of course OBVI Isaiah) but there is something about pictures and creating memories that are so special, then you add the gifting and it makes me giddy inside.
Isabel and her family showed up to my house on a beautiful but very cold November day to head to Wright Park (Tacoma’s version of NY Central Park)–totally overcast and I was worried that this gift was going to be ruined, but the clouds let up just long enough for sweet Lexi to run around in the leaves, with a tinge of snot rolling down her nose & mine, and for us to get a few intimate moments of her with mommy & daddy.  Now, if you haven’t already noticed, this little girl has loads of spunk and personality.  As I was testing my camera to get my settings right—she started crying–then I turned and pretended to take a picture of her & tears and all-she INSTANTLY stopped and started posing!  This first image, one in that grouping of images that came from those moments!
This was the photo shoot that made me thankful that God would elevate us in such a way that in a recession we could consider quitting our jobs to do this full time!
This was the shoot that reminded me of how important pictures are, both to me and to my families, my clients recording special moments and making sure that I do everything I can to give each and every client a special experience only for them.
This was the shoot that made me fall in love with Autumn season—the brisk cold, the hazy sun & the beautiful warm leaves that frame for a perfect backdrop!
Enjoy the sweetest family on the most perfect fall day!