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A International Wedding: Renaud + Mary

It was the end of October, a wedding I had big dreams for as I envisioned sunset on Lake Washington and all of the golden light and sun flare that I had practiced to prepare for this wedding, but on Saturday October 24th, my indian summer wedding quickly turned from dreams of golden haze to rain.  Rain!  Can you believe it, and the outdoor wedding that I envisioned in my mind was quickly moved inside under the tent.  This bride and groom, troopers that they are, rolled with the punches and we moved forward as though that had been the plan the whole time.
Renaud + Mary has the most international wedding I had ever been to.  Planned in just 8 short weeks, the bride and groom were able to book all that they needed including flights from Mary’s home country China + Renaud’s country of France to make sure both of their families could be present for their special day.
People say that hand gestures are the international language that all cultures and people understand, and as I sat in a room one side full of folks who were fluent in French only + the other who were fluent in Chinese only, I learned to work my hand motions to get what I needed.
The bride and groom were so sweet and had genuine love for not only each other but each other’s family.  You could tell, that even without words, there was a sweet respect for the others and respect for the love that the two had found in each other.  One of my favorite moments of the night was when Renaud’s french father gave his very funny thoughts during the reception with a translator present.  It was amazing seeing the cultures meld together in front of my eyes.
Enjoy a few sweet images from their special day!
Congratulations Renaud + Mary!  All of our best!!
Isaiah + Latasha