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What I learned in 2010 + the most thoughtful thing….

As we prepare to close out the year, make promises to ourselves about how things are going to be better next year; how we are gonna dream bigger + lose weight and live just a little more than we did the year before–I was left thinking about all of the things that have happened the last 364 days + most importantly every single moment + interaction that has gotten me to today: my INDEPENDENCE day.  My day of FREEDOM, the day that I feel like I am finally walking in my God given purpose.  I realized today that many people rarely get to this place.  The place where they step out completely in the direction that they wish that they can go to truly live AND I get to today and hopefully for the rest of my life.
All of this to say that it came with many lessons, heartache and refining of self + I thought that I would spend this post sharing all of those hard lessons with all of you, but instead I choose to share one, one thing I learned this year that has changed my life and will change my life moving forward.
Friendship.  Friendships with like-minded people.  Friendships full of depth where you can share life + your dreams + your heart.  Friendships mean everything.  Our friends are so key to who we become and its so necessary to be mindful of who you share your pearls, your life with + your dreams with. The other day on Facebook I asked, “who’s your 6?”  Who are the six people who are closest to you?  Do they dream big.  When you dream big do they laugh, sigh or stay quiet?  Do they have vision for their life??!  Because big dreamers need other big dreamers to dream with.
I am lucky enough to have more than 6 + I can thankfully say that everyone in my tightest circle is and are dreamers.
One dreamer specifically met me tonight to help LHP work on product presentation, a meeting that we planned weeks ago that happened to fall on today, my last day of work.  As I walked into Starbucks, my friend Arwen greeted me with a big hug and a congratulations.  Before me was a stack of gifts all packaged in our business colors and I was overwhelmed by her love for me–showing me that she cared for me and valued me.  In that moment, alone, I was full, but as Arwen and I sat there drinking our creme brulee latte’s people from all over the coffee shop a few minutes at a time, walked up to me, handing me one of my pictures and shared their congratulations with me.  Every time I would get settled into conversation with Arwen, a new person around the coffee shop would come over to me + say how proud they were, that my images were beautiful and that the step of faith that I made was huge and they wished all the best.  COMPLETE strangers, one of whom recognized some of the clients and had gone to school with them.  Each picture was wrapped in encouraging scripture or a quote related to this move of faith that I had made, to remind me of my friends and family and how proud of me they were.  It was so incredible and overwhelming and I so obviously cried.  Even the strangers who Arwen hadn’t included in on the surprise were intrigued and came over to share their congratulations, one who stated he’d be praying for us!
Tonight at Starbucks with my dear friend, I was full and thankful, just so overwhelmed.  Although most of my tight circle I have known for only just a year, there is no doubt that if I ever needed them, or had a dream or thought, that they wouldn’t come running on my behalf.  So as we head in 2011, who are your 6?  Do you have friends in you life who want the very best for you.  Who laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry, who make you feel special and want the best that God has to offer??!
I am so thankful to say that I do!
Happy New Year everyone!
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all of the different pictures handed to me tonight by strangers, pictures on the front + back
the very thoughtful scriptures and quotes of encouragement
my very own custom Starbucks gift card–check the black girl with the camera! 🙂