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Merry Christmas love the Haynes + Bonus: The Mallory Family


Before I prepare my house for soldiers (one very special one being Isaiah’s cousin stationed here in WA for the next 3 years) let me say thank you!  This morning as I woke up and looked at our tree, and stretched and thought about all that God has gifted me with over the last year,  I was completely overwhelmed and full.  How could I celebrate anything other than Christ’s gift on the cross??!  How could I even want anything more as I get to live this life?  Thank you for your support over the last wild year and for your encouragement, for following this crazy blog with all of its grammatical errors, but mostly for believing in us.  It started here: one year ago–when I decided to keep this blog + this is still the thing I am most proud of!

We love all of you so much and feel grateful that we have a life that’s interesting enough that you keep coming back!  Thank you for sharing your lives with us!   We look forward to a wild 2011.

and now onto the real stars of this blog post the Mallory’s:

Now let me start by saying that over the last couple of months I truly have formed a place in my heart for this family + as I edited their images to get to them by today: CHRISTmas, my cheeks started to hurt from smiling so much.

They are just that kind of family, that brings you so much joy that even editing pictures of them gives you warm fuzzies.

Jamyrlyn + I started planning this shoot months before it actually came to pass–so when we actually were able to make it happen, spring turned into summer, summer into fall + it was full blown winter.  We decided to go with it + planned a “gap-inspired-starbucks coffee holding-twilight-experimental-journalistic” type shoot.

It was very low light for a camera as we headed into Pike Place market, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, but we made it work and I truly LOVE these pictures.  They remind me of fun + family.  They remind me that every picture (contrary to every professional photographer out there I am sure) doesnt have to be perfectly composed, or expertly sharp, that the emotions invoked from look at a image-even mis-focused or camera shook is WAY more important than a perfect image every time.  When I look at these images I love this family more and I become thankful for mine.

I am thankful to know the Mallory’s who love God, who’s children love God + people and who serve tirelessly for the Kingdom.  I hope that Isaiah + I can mirror all the things I love about them when we have our family.

Merry Christmas everyone!



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