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Food 4 Foto: RECAP! {Tacoma WA Event Photographer}

Isaiah has had dreams of a social networking party for the last six months + every time he brought it up I would shoot his idea down.  Not because I didn’t think it was great–because my husband is brilliant + rarely has lame ideas, but because it was completely unfeasible.  At the time of his grand idea we had no place to host this vision and no money to fund it… that is until April Greer came along (www.aprilgreer.com).  My dear friend April, also my mentor + our new partner came with a fantastic 1100 sq ft studio + during one of our many + frequent late night chat session Isaiah, once again, brought up this Facebook party.  He + April made tentative plans to put this party in action–but nothing truly finalized.
One Monday afternoon (more specifically November 8th), while chatting with April, she + I made the decision to “just do it” and see what happened.  We both went to work finding friends to help, trying to capture some press + and making it MORE than a social network event.  We wanted it to be impactful + to make a difference for someone + BOOMSAUCE (as J* would put it) “Food 4 Foto” was born.  “F4F” a social networking event/Thanksgiving food drive.
Below the video recap by the very talented Isaiah Haynes:
Initially our goal was to serve + feed 1 family in need in Tacoma for Thanksgiving.  Our friends + family were so generous that we were able to provide Thanksgiving meals for almost 6 families!
So many folks came out and gave of their time, talent + energy so that we could pull this event off + in less than 2 weeks time.
Roll Call:
  • Watertown Hotel + University Hotel in Seattle, WA
  • Salon Miro
  • TowelDry
  • Babblin Babs Bistro
  • Corina Bakery
  • For Goodness Cakes
  • Victory Get Fit Club
  • La Unica
  • Tweet Toffee
  • LakeBridge Forza
……. + a sampling of pictures: