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Greater Mt. Moriah Baptist Church- Pastor & First Lady Walker {Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA}


There is nothing like having a spiritual home + no one knows that better than me.  I was raised in the church, like literally raised.  I was at church every Sunday, Sunday night, Wednesday night, special event + potluck.  Any time the church was open we were there + though I have few memories of my mom doing special things with and for me {I grew up in foster care} she always made sure I got to church.  I am who I am today because of that precious seed sown by her.
There is nothing like having a spiritual home + no one knows that better than me.  After college, I came back home to Tacoma, + after attending a Christian college, where I was around daily chapels, Monday night devotionals and a church that was a 5-minute walk from campus, it was hard to find my spiritual groove back at home.  It wasn’t until tragedy struck + I hit rock bottom that I remember the amazing personal relationship + the value of fellowship was.  I found my church home, after 8 years of being without one + my life is totally and completely different because of it.

All of this to say that Isaiah + I recently had the opportunity to photograph Pastor + First Lady Walker, Ministers out of Mt Moriah Missionary Baptist Church in Renton, WA. (a simple google search will link you up to their ministry).  Their daughter contacted us after seeing our work on Facebook + asked us to help paint the picture of who they were as ministers.  Typically when seeing pictures of Pastors + their wives they are stale + and pretty conservative, so it was fun to set up situations that highlighted the genuiness, the warmth and the joy of this couple!

Below a few previews of our session.  It was getting dark and cold  and of course, wet, a classic Washington fall day.  Isaiah + I were driving  and I saw this row of gorgeous trees that framed this walkway and I just wanted to center Pastor Walker and his beautiful wife right in it!

If your looking for a church home, stop by Mt. Moriah for a visit.  For more information email me at photomelatasha@gmail.com