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There’s a new sweet baby in town! {Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA}

Every time we get the opportunity to photograph a baby I am reminded of how completely amateur I am as a photographer and how much more I still need to learn.  YES!  I said it, amateur + behind + weak + completely incompetent.  Babies are hard! You have heard me say it once + I’ll say it again: “I have mad respect + love for baby photographers because they are completely unpredictable + they can’t pose at a moments notice.
Isaiah + I have chosen to stick with shooting our friends newborns until we can really master + lay out a plan, which is why I am so thankful for my friend Samantha, who about a month ago gave birth to this beautiful baby boy + allowed me and my beautiful friend Annie, another incredible photographer out of Idaho practice on him { you can check out Annie’s work at this link: www.anniebrownphotography.blogspot.com}.
Although we shot him 4 days after he was born, he was completely and totally alert, which made it difficult for us to really manipulate him in the twisted positions in the amazing props we had envisioned the night before.  Nevertheless, the show had to go on, because 1.) I need the practice + 2.) mommy needed new pictures.
Although babies are my kryptonite, for now, I was really happy with the images we got from the day.  Although I battle pacifier and lost, miserably….  the point is to show how simply amazing the newborn is right??!  I think this picture totally does that!