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Back Up Back Up Back Up: The Groves, the Christmas Edition.


I started this post with BACK UP, because this is something that every senior photographer says over and over and for one reason or another I have made excuses for reasons why I haven’t: not enough time, not enough money, etc, etc.

Last week while in Utah… I was looking to post this blog, about one of my favorite family’s ever, the Groves.  I pulled out my laptop, plugged up my e-harddrive and searched and scanned and found nothing.  My heart starting beating SO fast because NOT ME.  There is no way that I lost a photo shoot, but indeed I did.  After one hours of rumblings in my stomach, sweaty palms and pure stress–I called Isaiah who was able to recover it for the small fee of $199.99– so all of this to say that I am backing up right now!  I went to Best Buy tonight and spent the $200.00 to back up every shoot I have ever done, so that I am never in this situation again.  If your a photographer + you aren’t already doing this, back your work up.    It was just one family, one very gracious and kind family (who lent me back their pictures for this post) but it could have been so much worst.  Don’t put you business in jeopardy.  I am so thankful this tough lesson was learned with friends.

dear friends.  friends who love us and care about us + the kind of friends who you can call and explain what happened and not be scared that the friendship is over.  the kindness and grace that rob + anna and their four beautiful boys exude toward isaiah + i make it hard for me to feel that they are anything but family.

you have seen the Groves on our blog before.  they are not new.  there is so much i can say about them, but the story above alone says so much… so enjoy these lost but recovered images below + back your stuff up!