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The Frasiers!

This family makes me smile.  They love each other and love God.  There personalities are rich and they care for each other deeply.
Isaiah + I saw the Frasier’s at church one Sunday.  We had been trying to plan a session and had scheduled and re-scheduled a couple of times until Keith, the man of the house and my chosen big brother saw us in the coffee line and asked when we were next available.  I look at Isaiah, shrugged my shoulders and said “today,” and a few hours later we were shooting the Frasier’s in the cul-de-sac in their neighborhood.
God was good to us that day, although cold, it was dry and the light that day was perfectly diffused by cloud cover.  Isaiah and I had a blast shooting the boys, and then the mini queen of the house, closing with some family and couple shots of mom + dad….. and another sweet baby due in April.
I appreciate the Frasier’s so much.  They walk in their gifting, they care about people and they are steady…. steady in seeking after the things of God.  Another family that I aspire after that has a heart for all of the best of God.
So thankful for them and their example.
A few from our special time together: