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Willkommen! Salve! Bienvenue to our NEW blog!


Welcome to your NEW + improved blog brought to you by our friends at Photography Blog Sites who we met last week in Las Vegas at the annual WPPI photographer’s convention.  Isaiah + I had a blast at the conference and came back wanting to do and operate out of complete and total excellence, which includes a new blog + a new website among other NEW things: ideas, concepts, products and ways of doing business.  Thanks for stopping by + we hope that you continue to love the things that you see from us!
While in  Vegas we got the opportunity to hang with our good friend  and fellow photographer Annie, of Let It Shine Photography out of Boise Idaho + her good friend Julie + visit the beautiful Red Rock Canyon . Me, being the incredibly prepared person that I am and so outstandingly physical, climbed the canyon in my sparkly gold Toms with major pride.  When we got half way up I was paralyzed by the  beauty of things that only God can create.  The gorgeous red rocks against that stunningly clear blue skies.  It was awe-striking and just so amazing to be able to take it all in.  I felt humbled and blessed by this beautiful world that God shares with us and completely greatful.  As we ascended the canyon, we found a little groove that was something like a oasis, with full on pond + trees where Julie got her yoga on.  As I was questioning why there would be a pond in the middle of the canyon, Annie reminded me of this verse: He will “cause it to rain on the uninhibited land [and] on the desert where no man lives, to satisfy the waste and desolate ground and to cause the tender grass to spring forth (Job 38:26-27).  Just a few images from that awesome Friday morning below, mostly from my iPhone.  Enjoy.