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The Millers: Happy Birthday Miss Nicki


One thing I love about this job over every other job I have ever had is the connections that I get to make!  I met Nicki back in 2004 at my VERY first job out of college.  Although I didnt stay at that job, neither did she, this new job of photography brings me + connects me back to so many old and fun friends.  Although Nicki + I have kept in touch over the years +  have seen eachother every once in a while–I love that photography has giving us a new reason to connect.  I remember meeting Nicki and seeing her beautiful daughter, at that time she was maybe  like 4-5 and now she’s a young adult.  Its so cool watching people grow up + change as they watch me grow up and change.
I loved shooting James + Nicki and their sweet family because they love eachother and they have fun!  I felt like the day was all laughs and giggles… pretty much, James is hilarrrrious!  In a world that so undervalues joy, love, peace and marriage, James and Nicki make all of those things so cool!

Thank you so much for allowing Isaiah + I to share the afternoon with you!  We so adore and appreciate you!  XO

S/N: today is Nicki’s birthday.  Had no idea until Facebook told me.  How cool that I get to post about her sweet family on such a special day!  Happy Born Day Miss Nicki!  Love you!