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Meet Karsten: Your NEW favorite radio personality!


Isaiah and I met Karsten, about a year ago when we were just starting out.  He helped us make it through and master our first stylized photoshoot (where we had NO idea what we were doing, but we had fun) with my good friend Michelle Marie of Borgialli Designs and her beautiful dresses.
A fun shot from that April day below:

Over the last year, Kartsten has become a great friend and has taken on some fun endeavors of his own.  Karsten has become the newest host of his very own internet radio show featuring both Hip-Hop and R & B and has been working hard of the year promoting and increasing in the area of promotions and broadcast journalism (as soon as Karsten texts me back I will include the station and airtimes for his show).  Karsten came to us for headshots and we happened to have a gap in our day to rock some out for him.  He wanted them to be urban and have a R& B feel to them.  Unfortunately, the day was one of the worst in Seattle, think 40 degrees, rain+ wind and a totally dark sky.  We found shelter at Gasworks Park and in normal Nikon Gangsta fashion and PNW fashion–we made it work, WELL, Isaiah made it work: CONFESSION!: I was so cold I couldnt click the shutter, so all credit goes to Mr. Haynes for rocking this session out.  Below a few fun shots from that day!  If you love radio, check out Karsten.  More info coming soon!