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The Welborne’s + a WINDY Sunday afternoon


Meet the Welborne’s.  A beautiful family, that we don’t know well now, but that we look forward to getting to know better!  The Welborne’s have become our friends because we share a pretty amazing mutal friend + because they attend the same small group at our church as we do.  They are such a SPECTACULAR family with incredible Southern charm.  Tara, is a strong educated woman who loves young people and really wants to give back and work with young girls and Johnny serves our nation actively as a military personnel.  The Sunday of our shoot was promising.  When we left church the skies were bright blue and the sun was shining.  Of course in true Washington spirit, as soon as we arrived to our location the wind blew a mighty fit and we were challenged to battle against it.  Although cold, the Welborne’s held it down and we had a great time!  Below a sampling of the images from that very cold Sunday that both claimed Johnny’s wallet and our reflector case causing another afternoon adventure for the men of both of our little families.  I am happy to report that both missing items have been recovered since. 🙂