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Jessica: a Puyallup High School Senior


Its hard to believe that this is JUST a sample of the amazing session that I had with Jessica, but alas, it is.  This girl is so beautiful it was almost impossible to decide what to blog and what  not to. I ended up calling in back-up, aka: Isaiah and we made the hard decisions together.
Jessica is the FIRST LHP senior and client to take advantage of our hair/MU and styling services and I could tell right away once she got out of the seat that a GREAT time was ahead of us.  S/O to Anna+Kristal+Kristal for their talent and expertise!  If your interested in adding your hair and MU and styling to your own customized portrait session w/LHP contact us directly for pricing or package specials.

Jessica is such a beautiful girl but better than that she kind.  I had so much fun shooting her I was sad when it was over. I learned so much about her heart and the person that she is, that she doesn’t have time for a boyfriend, that she’s a athlete, that she LOVES Jesus and that instead of heading to Harvard to study law that she’s going to spend her first year out on the mission field serving God.  I was so impressed with her direction and confidence and I am so excited to see where she goes.

Shout out to Stephanie Albao, owner of A Vintage Vibe for these lovely custom headbands for Jessica’s session!

Get one for your next session or just to ROCK OUT yourself here: http://www.facebook.com/avintagevibe  or go straight to Etsy!