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Mobile Monday: Live Limitless: Do The Extraordinary


It’s Mobile Monday again………. and surprisingly I am keeping this up pretty well.   There’s a new project that Isaiah and I are working on + if you follow us on twitter/facebook or any other means of networking I am sure you have heard us tweet/FB/gchat or talk about Do The Extraordinary (www.dotheextraordinary.com).  Do The Extraordinary is a incredible local (soon to be international) athletic apparel line that exists to identify with the style and heart of OUR generation, a generation of world changers, and to encourage, inform, inspire, unite, and invest in the Extraordinary causes of so-called ordinary people.”

Isaiah and I were recently asked to join the DTE team as the official photographers as they prepare to launch their line for the Fall 2011 season.  Along with Kristal Locke on hair, Isabel Boyd as the MUA and Salt*Light Productions on video, we and the DTE team are making magic.  This project is especially important to us because both Isaiah and I believe in living life to the ultimate, working hard and being the best.  Walking BOLDY in vision towards our dreams + that is EVERYTHING that DTE stands for.

Another amazing cause that DTE supports in a very cool way is human trafficking awareness.  DTE recently launched a campaign called Red With Love in conjunction with Stop Child Trafficking Now (http://www.sctnow.org) and its been amazing to watch them bring awareness to a issue that affects so many children annually thru fashion + music.  You can check out the “Red with Love” video on Youtube or at the website above and also purchase the exclusive Red w/Love t-shirt from the website above + trust me its soo hot (picture below):

Now to Mobile Monday.  To date, we have had the opportunity to do 2 of 7 plan shoots with DTE + their stunningly gorgeous models.  This particular shoot happened a few weeks ago on a road trip to Eastern WA.  We headed over to the desert to do a shoot Justin entitled “Live Limitless.”  This guy is brilliant and with his amazing vision and our passion for the lens we banged out some awesome imagery.  Below are some iPhone pics from our road trip + then two frames from sunset of the two models.  At the very bottom, the BTS video of the day!  Enjoy!  XOXOXO

and a few real shots from the D700 right before sunset of the gorgeous models: Kimberly & Teresa

and a incredible BTS video from Salt*Light Productions and the amazing talented Justin Kercher of DTE: