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Mobile Monday: Susan Choi of S. Photography Life


Its Mobile Monday again….  and I love Mondays.  This gives me a reason to be thinking about what I want to share with you from week to week about our life and crazy amazing things that go on in it.  This Monday was tough for me because last week was so full.
I could have talked to you about the “Do The Extraordinary” athletic apparel campaign that we are currently shooting.  We shot 3 times for Do the Extraordinary, photo shoots that led us to abandoned train stations, to climb mountains in North Bend and to roll around in dirt in the rain.  I could have talked about “The VO” an amazing young adult ministry at my church on Friday nights, where my good friend Molly Venzke, who is also author of a book that is soon to come out called “Caged,” talked about the perils of Human Trafficking and how we need to be aware because our cities and backyards are gateways for young girls, age 11, 12 and 13 to be taken…. absolutely heartbreaking…..


I could have told you about my wonderful husband and how his gifts are being used to help work on a BTS (behind-the-scenes) video for a song written by Fahren for the World Vision Japan Project Relief single, a collaborative effort by local artist from Tacoma/Seattle to make a difference and cause change for the people of Japan–there was so much I wanted to share with you BUT I decided to actually blog about my Monday today, this Monday… or at least Monday thus far.

Today I met Susan Choi of S. Photography Life, a photographer based out of Seattle (you will remember her from my first Mobile Monday post: she originated the idea) for coffee.

Susan is absolutely amazing.  Her heart is so pure and she loves photos as much as I do.  We spent the morning huddle around our Panera bread black coffees talking about photo labs, how awesome high school seniors are, causes we care about, Mexican food and how we were gonna work on seeking validation from God instead of out of the mouths of people.  We both love what we do.  We both get scared.  We are both insecure and both wanting to be the best photographers we can be.  Its always nice to find a friend in the business.  Someone who gets you.  Who understand you.  Who will get vulnerable with you and who you can talk life with.  Looking forward to many more Monday morning Panera coffee dates with my new friend!

To check out Susan’s work visit her site at: www.sphotographylife.com or her blog at: blog.sphotographylife.com  or follow her on twitter at: sphotolife.  You will not be disappointed!

one more reason to love Susan, as if I really needed one: same taste in jewelry… I have these same earrings!