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Mobile Monday: Spring is here + 94 days!


Its Mobile Monday again….  and I’m gonna try a few little something differents…..  you may notice, you may not…. we shall see!  Its been such an amazing winter for us & what excites me most about this particular Monday is that I finally feel like spring is here!! The apple/cherry blossoms are blooming and things are being born in every area both literally and figuratively.  Its so nice to enter a new season where things are blossoming and coming back to life!  Winter is over and the next three season are some of my favorite.  Another really fun milestone that Isaiah & I get to celebrate this week is our first 100 days.  Today marks the 94th day since being self-employed and Sunday April 10th will mark 100 days.  We will celebrate that day with a epic stylized shoot that I am sure I will be excited to share with you next week.  I hope that you are enjoying the first signs of spring as much as we are…. here are a few other fun ones that we celebrated this week.

University of Washington-Seattle has the most charming quad when their blossoms are in full bloom-although I have heard about them over and over again… it was the first time I had truly experienced them…. you should totally go in the next couple of weeks and enjoy what this beautiful campus has to offer…  enter on 45th street go into campus and after the big “W” take a left and you will be led there.

of course spring in the NW wouldnt be spring without a little bit of hanging with friends

both young & old…  and introducing sushi to a 8 year old- hoping they aren’t allergic to fish after the fact? (bad babysitters)

a little bit of pillow fights, ice cream and video games

a full class of students to hear you speak at career day

a auction a collaboration project featuring local artist to aid in  the Japan Relieft effortsphotographing our first birth, waiting for a sweet baby getting to know people on a deeper level….

and finally some rain and some rush hour!  I adore the NW and everything that comes with it, our life, our friends, our family and our weather-looking forward to what spring births in our lives!