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Mobile Monday: I heart cupcakes… seriously


I loveeee a good cupcake. Although not a huge cake fan, unless its out of a box is flavored yellow and has the brand name Betty Crocker, I will usually pass- but there is something about a cupcake.  I dont know if its because they are small and you dont have to share, being a only child I am used to having my own (although anyone who knows Isaiah knows that he’s the cleanup crew so I am learning to share daily as a married women).  I don’t know if its the presentation: the sprinkles, and the swirly frosting that gets me, but I will KILL/WAX/DESTROY a cupcake.  I love them so much and I find myself often wanting 1 or 2 of 5 if they are around.
Cupcakes for me means something special is or has happened. It means celebration. It means happy times.  I have never ate a cupcake when I was sad or depressed, it celebratory and I have been eating a ton of cupcakes lately.  Today is DAY 101 and I seriously could pinched myself. I dont know if I even believed that we would make it this long and I had my back up plan to work at Starbucks ready to go, but really all I can say is that I am so thankful for all that has unfolded the last 100 days.  I realize that some people may never have the courage or strength to step out or follow their dreams… I mean, come on, I barely did myself, but the freedom that comes from doing it, there’s nothing like it.  I realize that that right now is the moment to enjoy everything that is happening because there may not be another one like this and that I will never have to look back and wonder what if.   Isaiah and I are so candid in sharing this journey in hopes that it might encourage you or someone you know to trust and believe both in yourself and the amazing  promises of  a faithful God that you can have exceedingly abundantly above all that you can think or imagine and sometimes the decisions arent SO easy or safe to make, sometimes they come with lots of loss whether financial or relationally, but the gains have far outweighed anything we have gone without and my personal faith walk is stronger than ever- as I watch God rescue us time and time again and as I challenge him and he never fails!

So today… as I bought three cupcakes for three amazing woman who have helped bring my dreams to life by following their own… I smiled and thought how much I really love cupcakes, what they mean and how I am so excited for SO many more this year.  Its kinda a lame mobile Monday post… not gonna lie–but its really all I got and it took me all day to get here to make this post.  So its 11:42p and I barely made the cut- but I promise WAY better MM posts in the future!  Actually, I promise posts in the future because I do realize that I have slacked on that too- but good news, we’ve been working!

Thanks for reading…  and if your from the South Sound and love cupcakes as much as me and my girls, check out Jubilee Cupcakes & Vintage Candy located in the Proctor district in Tacoma- so good!