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Annie’s Tea Party Bridal Shower: Boise, Idaho


I did a bit of traveling this week and headed to Boise Idaho for a quick surprise visit to one of my friends and one of our 2011 brides.  Late last year as we were building our Facebook fan page, I noticed posts from a beautiful woman out of Idaho with the most striking blue eyes.  I remember wondering who she was  and how she found us and why she was a photographer when she could easily be a model.  After weeks of FB posting, we took our conversations to Skype and then she came for a visit.  Another sleepover situation, led to our trip to Vegas at WPPI, her hiring Isaiah and I to be her wedding photographer and a very close friendship.
My dear friend Annie and I have walked this photography owner self employment thing out day to day the last six months.  When I say day to day… I’m not talking a couple of times a week and a few prayers- I’m talking day to day, hours of company as we wake up everyday and meet at our computers to Skype thru our work days.  She is my co-worker, the person I bounce ideas off of, my confidant.  We eat lunch together, we encourage each other, cry together and push each other to be better.  Annie is the 3rd member of the LHP team based in Idaho WA and I know that she feels the same about me when it comes to her business.  As her bridesmaids were prepping for her bridal shower, a tea party theme, they contacted me and asked if I would be willing to surprise Annie and to show up.  They talked about how valued I was in Annie’s life and how they knew it wouldnt be complete if I didnt show up.  I am so thankful for her good friends who admire the good friends in Annie’s life and I am so thankful for the opportunity to finally rock Annie’s world and meet all the people who make her who she is.

I flew into Boise Saturday morning and surprised my sweet friend.  With my summer dress and tea party hat she screamed when she saw me and it so validated this bond we have.  When I got to the airport that morning, one of her best friends Sonia was carrying a sign “Nikon Gangsta” so that I would know who she was… as I made my way down the escalator I screamed with excitement at how clever and thoughtful she was.  Needless to say, all of Annie’s friends ARE NOW my friends too and I am even more thankful for her then I was before.

Below a few pictures from Annie’s amazing tea party!  Shout out to Sonia, Becky and Karen on a amazing job well done!