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Beautiful Romina


Not that I would EVER condone this, but its kinda FUN + cool when our young people, along with their parents, skip school to come and shoot with me mid-week.  I never skipped school for everything, but always wondered what it was like on the “other side” the other side of school… well these days, apparently the other side is US and I am giddy about it.  I say it all the time- we have the best clients and Romina is no different.  She killed it at school this year and got straight A’s.  In Romina’s family that equals incentives + all she wanted was to schedule a session with LHP… BOMB RIGHT??!  She is obviously stunning and had such a fun personality so it was a absolutely pleasure to spend the afternoon running around Tacoma with her sweet little self.  Romina and her mom are REALLY close so she jumped in a few fun shots below to chronicle their fun loving friendship!
Sadly, on Romina’s photoshoot it was windy and soo sooo soo cold- we kept trying to find locations that were covered and low to protect us from the elements.  At the end of the session, which is SO WA state- the sun came out!

Thank you Romina for working so hard at school and in turn spending the afternoon with me- I can’t wait to do your senior pictures!