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Mobile Monday: bi-coastal living….


I seriously believe that I am from Virginia, which is strange because I’m not. I am a born and raised Tacoma girl- but every time Isaiah and I go back to VA it feels more and more like the right fit.  I mean, don’t be mistaken, I love Washington too, especially this time of year, but I know our lives will hit a all time high when we can live our lives equally in both parts of the nation. I am hoping that by shooting the wedding that we shot in VA this weekend doors will open.  We are the best photographers in the world- but we might be the best for “YOU” or whomever that client is that might book us there.  So today’s post is about things we love in Washington and things we love in Virginia- since like our life, we split our week living very full lives in both places.

First, Washington- which houses an amazing church that I love, full of people I love who have become some of my best, dearest and closest friends- as well as an amazing market full of yummy foods- including those amazing fruit below, those yummy doughnuts.  It was mine and my friend, Danielle Nyoka’s birthday’s earlier this month and we wanted to take some time to spend together…. we headed to Pike Place last week (to get Mother’s Day gifts to take to VA) and indulged in everything the market had to offer- check out the t-shirts, the fun jewelry and ate some goodies along the way.  Pike Place reminds me of Costco sometimes because of all of the yummy samples you get to eat.  We finished our date day with dinner at my favorite restaurant: Joey’s at SouthCenter.  Love it- and you should totally check it out if you’ve never been.  The food is amazing!!

The photo above is of one of Danielle’s sweet boys.  I have seen him a million times and have never held him.  I am so in love with his sweet face- can you not totally see why? He’s literally edible!  Those yummy blue eyes do something to me too!

that night Isaiah and I headed to Richmond, VA to shoot our very first destination- on our layover in Chicago, at 6a I stopped to get the “Chicago Mix” from Garrett’s Popcorn, its a mix of yummy cheese and caramel crisp popcorn… oh my word.  On the way home, I was hoping we could stop in Chicago so I could get more.  Needless to say, I will be putting in my order this week for a special shipment to our house!  I hope it last longer than a day…..

saw some of my most favorite and special kids. I met A + R 4 years ago right before I married Isaiah- there mother is my eldest cousin-a member of a family I had never known- but now am so thankful to be a part of.  They represent the “Eaddy” side of my family and I love that VA means home to Isaiah, but family for me too.  Amanda was the first of nearly 15 cousins, 3 uncles, 1 aunt and a grandmother that I met for the first time in 2007.  Have you ever wondered if you looked like your family after never knowing them?  I did, until I looked at Amanda… she is literally my twin.  Her only daughter is my god-daughter and is one more reason why I love going to VA.  When I first met her, she was 2- now she is 6 and I love loving on her and her brother when I see them.

When we were home to shoot the wedding we found our own wedding invitation from nearly 4 years ago.  I handed it to Isaiah and loved the sweet smile that came across his face.  Memories of a really exciting time in both of our lives.  He thought about stealing it, but changed his mind- as we left it where we found it in VA.  Weddings are so different now- or maybe we were just broke, at any rate- I still love the invite, so wasnt a bad choice- reminds me a lot of our branding.

the wedding was absolutely stunning. the venue’s perfect and every detail planned out to a t. Isaiah and I were honored to shoot it and look forward to sharing it here.

As soon as the reception started, this happened below- so glad we go the formals and everything else out of the way…….. because below was all bad.

We finished up our time in VA with family breakfast.  It always made me so envious when families come together and enjoy each other’s company until I became a Haynes.  I love going home, because I can always count on at least one amazing home cooked meal when as many of the family members come out as possible.  Sunday morning was no different.  Before we left to get on the plane- and before the other members of our family left to travel back home to their respective locations- we got together and ate, and talked, and ate and laughed and looked at pictures and laughed some more.  I learned a little more about why this name means so much and became just a little more thankful for my God given family.

What a blessing to have amazing friends and family- who make you thankful to live and be and visit and where you can feel at home no matter where you are, no matter what coast.

Happy Monday ya’ll.  Its good to be “home.”