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Taylor + Anissa: Rogers High School Seniors (and family)


I fall in love so easily.  It literally takes NOTHING to be my friend because I so love people.  That’s why my blogs are always the same, the same message.  “I had so much fun…” + “I love my (insert family/seniors/brides) or whatever it is I’m shooting that day.  “We have so much fun…”  I say these things because they are ALL TRUE.  I get the best families, which in turns means the best seniors, which will hopefully lead to the best brides and grooms. The Walston’s were no different.
This post is kinda different because it was a senior session, but we threw in some couple pictures (Taylor + Anissa have been together for 3 years and have a really sweet relationship), a few family pictures (Dawn, Taylor’s mom informed me they hadn’t had full family picture since Taylor was 1 years old, today he is 17- it broke my heart and we definitely needed to change that) and because Anissa is so pretty… I couldn’t resist throwing in a few senior pictures her.   Anissa, however may get her own post in the future because she really needs her own SHINE and this post is mostly about Taylor and his family.

I loved hanging with this family because I could tell they were all wrapped up in one another.  They truly love eachother and Taylor has been a huge proud moment for his parents.  He is smart and kind, an athlete who plays soccer for his high school team, totally committed to his two loves, the soccer ball and his girlfriend, Anissa.  Every time I would set up a shot of Taylor, he would look so grown and mature and mom, so sweet, would lose it in tears.  It made me happy because I knew we were creating memories, not just the picture, but the moment.  Mom was seeing her sweet baby, the last of her children grow up right before her eyes.  Mom would cry, Taylor would laugh… I would hug mom and laugh with Taylor, it was a awesome day!  SO special.

Taylor is heading off to Western Washington University in the fall… I know his parent’s couldnt be more proud and I couldnt be more excited for him!

Congrats Taylor and Anissa!  SO excited to see where life takes you!!