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Mobile Monday.


Its Mobile Mondays and I love Mondays.  Monday to Monday from this week from last was awesome.  As I mentioned last Monday, Isaiah and I celebrated our birthdays and silly me to think the celebrating would end on Sunday.  We got the opportunity to indulge almost every day last week with dear friends and celebrate every night with dinner at a new place we had never been and company that we enjoyed so much.  I feel like we’ve been jumping from Holiday to Holiday- not that our birthdays are holidays but its been so busy for us lately- Easter, then birthdays, then Mother’s Day & now Isaiah and I are preparing to head home to Virginia to shoot our second wedding of the season. Its so hectic around here as we prepare to launch our new Showit site (i know i know we’ve been talking new website for like the last year, but for real, we are finally making a dent in things) and closing out some really awesome projects we had the joy of being a part of.  We are really looking ahead to summer and all of the fun things that come with that.

Just a few fun things that happened this week!  We met our good friends LaRae + Mark for dinner at “Pie” in Fremont- we didnt actually eat dinner there but it was SO cute.  They have pie everything- mac and cheese in a pie, stew and pot pie and then these teeny tiny dessert pies.  Its right on the main drag and so good- we took some of their mini pies to go and they were incredible.  We ended up having dinner at the 80’s Japanese Tapas Bar right across the street from Pie.  They have this amazing pork belly and gifted us with complimentary eel….  it was a compliment and I was totally grossed out.

and the eel… way too chewy and way to much for me to handle.

the home page of our new swanky website- ignore the double tabs and possible misspellings- its a total work in progress but we are so proud of it already!

on Saturday night we hung with about 20 young people at a Sweet 16 birthday party and realized just how old and young we are when “Tootsie Roll” and Kris Kross’s “Jump” came across the turntables and all of the young people sat down. I as 9 years old when “Jump” came out. Seems wrong that a song could be 20 years old and out of style…..

and a awesome Mothers Day celebrating with my best friends mom who has known me since I was 14, reminiscing and hanging in the same spots.  I remember being so young and the 5 of us just hanging out, me, clarise her twin brother, artise and their sister tiffini and Miss Mavis- 15 years later, add a husband and a little kid to the mix and we realize how much we’ve grown and accomplished and all of the life we have walked out together.  Closed the day viewing Bishop Jake’s new feature film “jumping the broom” with my favorite Aunt Nola (who has been a lifesaver since my grandmother passed) and my own mother.  So thankful for the little things and moments.

I hope you had a awesome week and I wish you all the best this Monday.