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Published on Junebug Weddings!


I am so thrilled to annouced that LHP has been published!!  OK OK… its not a super huge BIG deal but its so exciting for us because it was one of our goals this year and we can proudly say that we accomplished it EVEN if its small.
Because of my sweet honey’s amazing networking skills- I got the opportunity to participate in a stylized shoot with Daniela of Bella Signature Designs in Las Vegas back in February!  I have yet to release the images because the shoots were being pitched, but just recently found out this week that Junebug Weddings LOVED what we did and published our shoot on their blog.  There were 50+ photographers who participated in the different shoots- so the likelihood that I would even make the cut amongst so much talent was pretty slim- BUT- one of my images made it + it makes me estatic!!

Want to be inspired- check out both Junebug and Bella Signature Designs- the inspiration on each of these sites in absolutely spectacular!!  As soon as I get the go ahead I cannot wait to share the rest of my images here:

Bella Signature Designs: bellasignature.com

Junebug Weddings: junebugweddings.com