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LHP Senior Model Street Team


We are so excited to be launching into a new adventure at LHP with our Senior Street Team project, similar to senior models or reps, we have decided to join the ranks by picking 12 amazing young people to represent us AND who we could represent for the next year as we move forward in business.
Traditionally, in a senior rep/model program, the photographer picks the seniors and they represent the photographer in exchange for free or complimentary senior pictures and prizes- and that’s awesome, but Isaiah and I wanted to do more- take it to the next level and have it be a little more than just an exchange of goods.

The last 10 years of my professional career prior to photography has been spent in youth services/youth work.  I have spent my entire professional career tending to the needs of my generation and the one coming up behind it and  I have worked for three amazing non profits serving young people + helping to build movements, create opportunities and motivate change.  When I left my job it was heartbreaking because it meant so much to me  but I knew I couldn’t continue to preach about following dreams if I wasn’t willing to practice it myself.  When we started shooting high school seniors I felt home again.  I love our time with our young people, getting to know them, laughing and joking and hearing about all of their hopes and dreams for their future.   When we decided to do the senior model thing- we knew it had to be different- because we are different and LHP Seniors are different.  They represent the future, big dreams, ambition, living hopeful- they are NOT just a pretty face, or the most popular kid at school, the basketball star or cheerleader- they care about others and they want the best for both themselves and their futures, so these 12 seniors are our partners in business- they represent us- but we represent them too!  We will serve alongside them in the community, we will do whatever it takes to support both them + their schools over the coming year + and we will dream BIG with them- and every once in a while we will stop to take some pictures along the way.   Our relationships will last as they grow and we grow + one day we will look back and reflect on all that we have accomplished together.

Each one of them was chosen for their heart and the special things they have done up until now + its our absolute pleasure to introduce you to them here every day for the next couple of days on our blog!

Every senior chosen will receive a full stylized photo session w/hair and MU services as well as styling to make them SHINE SHINE SHINE and we are so excited!  These services will be provided by the following partners:

Hair: Kristal Locke + Melissa Shaffett

Make-Up:  Isabel Boyd + Anna Groves

Styling: Kristal Clark

Assistant: Aubreeana Ryle

One other really awesome perk- the young person with the most referrals to LHP  by May 2012 will receive a $500 scholarship for post-secondary education- something that we are THRILLED to be able to do!

Stay tuned as we follow them on their last year through high school & come back in late June/July to see previews of their sessions!