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The Kawamoto Sisters


To have a sister, but then to have two and one be a twin??!  What a gift!  These girls called us to do something special for their mother for Mother’s Day + I am so grateful they did!  The laughter, the secrets, the giggles, the sisterhood.  They are so absolutely stunning + were such a blast to hang with!  Each of them with their own unique style and amazing personality to match!  Two of them being twins, one of which is named “Tasha,” it was fun totally playing that up and giving their older sister a twin sandwich throughout the day.   This is probably one of my favorite sessions to date.  The styling, lighting and make up and hair were absolutely perfect and these girls… well, the pictures tell it all- and these are only the samples.   Cute story- although so different, the one thing all of the girls have in common is a tiny diamond ring that their parents gave each of them- it was so fun thinking of creative way to incorporate that special gift into the shoot.  Our goal: to show mom what an amazing gift she has in these beautiful and kind girls and I totally felt like we succeeded.
Hair: Melissa Shaffett + MUA: Isabel Boyd