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Aneesah’s Baby Bump


There are few things I know for sure, but one I can put my money on is that whoever the child is that is being carried by my beautiful friend Aneesah, is indeed going to be blessed and covered in ways I can only imagine.  They are going to be loved and smart and laugh a lot.
Aneesah and I never really got the chance to get to know eachother- but we run in the same crew.  As soon as I came on the scene, she and her family of 2 (at the time) moved to my other home, the East Coast and currently reside just outside of DC.  I feel such a lost opportunity though, because the short time we spent together capturing these pictures gave me a sneak peek into what I am missing by her not being here, with all of us.

Aneesah, besides being incredibly gorgeous, is friendly, kind, encouraging, beautiful, knows her music and LOVES to laugh!  She kept me on my toes and was so so so fun to hang with.

She was only in town for a few days so we threw together a quick session so that she could get some preggo pics.  The day was incredibly tricky and teetered back and forth between sunshine and rain.  We sought shelter, but from the high afternoon sun- inside and found a amazing fun and private library- turns out Aneesah is a reader.  She LOVES to read- and that secret library made the perfect prop for our shoot.

We finished our session out at my favorite high grassed, tree-lined field- and it was rainy and windy and the sky turned dark.  We were out for about 5 minutes, and in the rain- Aneesah was a trooper- I decided to keep the raindrops in the pictures to show you what a soldier she was….  doing anything for the shot.

Oh and sidenote- this sister wells this pregnancy SO well!

Aneesah and Cole, congrats on your beautiful baby!  I cannot wait to meet this precious one in person!  Love you both!