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Mobile Monday!!!


Its Mobile Monday, but on Wednesday- because that’s how WE roll!  Honestly, its not how we roll and I’m kinda embarrassed- but Im human and we are BUSY so something has to drop and sadly, its this precious Mobile Monday… but my goal: to get it up at all cost, even if its not a Monday- so here it is!

Above: spent this week planning with my girls!!  We are going a HUGE shoot this Sunday with our Street Team AKA Senior Reps and we are thrilled!  I cannot wait to share what we come up with.  I love planning with these ladies because it usually means, laughter and screams and BOMB food- lunch in Downtown Seattle.  I love my girls because they are talented but I love them even more because they believe in Ike and I and our vision- and we totally believe in them: makes for a perfect mix!

Below: I learned how to take screen shots on my iPhone.  How come no one ever told me?!  Shout out to Kristal for being me out of the dark- and discovered a NEW to me cafe and wine bar in my back yard called Amocat: amocatcafe.com   That is Tacoma spelled backwards and its pretty neato. I had a black lavendar ice tea and it was divine also picked up a little T-TOWN love via t-shirt below and a few car decals!!  I love my city and I love reppin it even more!

We have had the most incredible days here in WA.  One of them I spent driving out to Eatonville to shoot one of our favorite families, also the creators of Tweet Toffee.  Those of you who are our clients and customers will be glad to know that we will be partnering with Tweet Toffee and adding their delightful yummy goodness to all of our new packaging.  Just ONE more reason to book with LHP: Tweet Toffee!  Its going to be a magical relationship!

Isaiah and I also got the opportunity to shoot 2 week old identical twins this week.  We normally don’t photography babies- but loved doing this for one of our friends.  Can’t lie… holding those sweet babies and smelling their vanilla skin made me want one.  Aw how sweet it is…. then I got peed on.  Needless to say…. Im okay with a family of two for a little while longer!

Started off my week with fellow photog Willow of Willow’s Photography, planning a project and taking a lighting workshop. Learned how to use off camera lighting and feeling SUPER empowered!

Cannot wait to share those images with you and to experiment this weekend!

Thanks for being faithful readers!

Until next week!