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Bria: a Rogers High School Senior


Bria MUST mean joy- because that is exactly what she brings!  Bria is such a fun girl and her personality is absolutely infectious!  She is one of those girls that screams “live life, laugh loud and BE happy!” and that is exactly what we did.
I loved shooting Bria for all of the reasons I stated above, but this girl’s fashion sense is unreal- she brought over the cutest stuff- all organized and coordinated with jewelry and I knew we were gonna kill it on location.

Bria loves to dance (especially ballet), loves to LAUGH (obvi- check the pictures below) loves her little doggie… who’s name at the moment I can’t recall and calls her brother her VERY best friend on earth.  This year as she heads to Utah to study some really techi science that blew my mind, her brother will follow her to pursue his own post-secondary education or maybe she’s following him, at any rate its amazing to see a brother/sister combo who loves eachother so much, so hard and so deeply.

Bria is just a few weeks from graduating and I was honored when her mother Dena called to book her session.  Its such a honor to photograph seniors, to get to know their families and follow them thru life.  Isaiah and I feel so blessed to be a part of such a huge milestone in their lives and Bria is no different.  Bria and many of the other seniors from the class of 2011 are a HUGE part of our story, they are our FIRSTS, our first senior pictures, our first graduations, our first proms, our first grad parties- they are leaving footprints on our lives that will help carry our business forward.

Bria- you are beautiful and we are so excited for what life is going to bring your way!  Here’s to much success and blessings!

This is just a sneak peek, a mere sampling of images from a incredible afternoon out on location- so tough to figure out which ones to show-and to do a true sneak peek- Bria had so many images it was hard to pick, but here are a few below:

Hair for this shoot provided by: Kristal Locke

MU artistry provided by: Jenny Bowker