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Mobile Monday on a Friday….


I feel like such a failure, because NORMALLY I am so horrible at keeping up with weekly posts, daily updates, like this and I was doing so well- almost two months work of Mobile Monday’s posted on Monday, but this week- the post just got away from me.  With such a crazy busy week last week with the Showit + Pictage crews in town, getting my hair braided + moving and a holiday weekend- everything got away from me- so although 4 days late- below my Mobile Monday post!

Last week started off with a bang with David Jay, Promise Tangemen (and Brian Wurzell) and with Zac and Jody Gray in town for the Showit PASS tour.  We started our week off with an amazing bowling event hosted by Josh and Emma Smith of Emmajane Photography up at Lucky Strike in Bellevue!  It was so fun! Nothing really gets Ike and I more excited then being around other creatives, especially photographers and just chilling and getting all geeky over lenses and camera gear and editing programs. It so fun to talk letters and numbers with people and I really appreciated the intimate time Emma and Josh created with some of our favorite people.  I absolutely adore Zac and Jody- they represent everything Isaiah and I would love to be in a husband wife team and Promise is a BLAST- if you love her online- you will adore her in person, her personality is true to everything she puts our and her heart is genuine- she truly cares about helping photographers find their voice and brand in the world- I loved getting to know her most!   David Jay is humble and kind- and a genius.  I love how he and his team continue to come out with innovative ways for photographers to display and show their work- and every day that we wait to launch our Showit site I am getting with anticipation.

The following day, we met at a sweet little dance club (which obvi wasn’t in business at that time) to discuss PASS.  I could tell you all about PASS and all of the cool things its going to do for you- but you really should just attend the tour if you can- they will be coming to a city near you soon.  What I can say is, its exciting and a new fresh perspective on things and the socializing with the event was worth the trip!  Thank you Showit for the amazing food, good times with friends and the Red Bull.

I loved the PASS tour for obvious reasons, but I got to make some new friends too, which was awesome.  Only downfall, that my sweet husband couldn’t attend.

Shout out the the Behind the Live girls who are as sweet off camera as they are on!

We finished and began our week closing a chapter of our life and moving…..

this move was exciting and quick and I am so thankful for amazing friends who without being asked jump at the opportunity to help Isaiah and I in every situation.  We moved from our sweet little well lit flat to a even sweeter, super cute gingerbread house with a white picket fence and I am so excited!  I cannot wait to start throwing game nights, BBQ’s, girls nights and movie nights- and hosting our first PUG meeting here later this month!

This house will bring us many amazing memories I am sure- and we cannot wait to share them with you!

Thanks for keeping up with these silly posts from my cell phone!  I am thankful for each and every one of you who read and share our lives and cheer for us from afar!

Blessings to you!