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Darius: a Stadium High School Senior


It is rare that Isaiah and I get to shoot young men, especially for senior photos.  I think there’s some terrible rumor passing thru high schools that falsely tell young people in the South Sound that senior pictures are only for the ladies- sadly it isnt true and because of this we get few male clients; but when we get them we love them because its something different, a challenge that we don’t often get that we are happy to try to conquer!
Darius was no different, apprehensive at first about senior pictures, humoring his mom and taking pictures to make her happy- but as time passed over the course of our session, I think he started realizing that senior pictures COULD be cool!

A senior at Stadium High School, we spent our evening hanging around the campus capturing Darius in some of his favorite locations.

One of Darius’s claim to fame?!  His extensive collection of Jordan’s- in which he has a “special walk” to avoid creases in the top.  He cares for those shoes in ways I have never seen and I thought I loved my shoes.

We really enjoyed hanging with Darrius and capturing his senior pictures HIS way. My favorite picture: the one of him cheeeeeeesin extra hard below!  That was his favorite smile… and I love that my sweet “Giselle” was cool enough to make a pretty awesome prop for D’s session!

Check out a few images from Darius’s session below:

SN: “Giselle” is our very beautiful Nissan Altima, pictured below!