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Mobile Monday, campfires, 4 boys, half-marathon and seniors!


Summer is here and its already SO exciting! Lots of visits to our house from friends and celebrating lots of launches and NEW things on the horizon.  We are so excited about wedding season and are in full force, gearing up to shoot 5 weddings in the next 6 weeks.  Its been so fun having the last couple of weeks to relax and build as we prepare to launch our new website and go head on into summer.

This week I had Pho and if you’ve ever had Pho- you would know its totally worth making a big deal out of and taking a picture- also had a couple of visits by some sweet little girls- this one just happens to be my second cousin + she left me some pretty exclusive art work for our fridge.

Also got the opportunity to celebrate with my friend and now author Molly, who wrote the amazing book below called “Caged” its about child trafficking and all proceeds go to A-21, an organization that works to stop trafficking.  Below- our very own book, with our very own credit for the images on the copyright page, as well as, the “Caged” charm bracelet that I wear proudly!

Finally got to pull out the fire pit and hang with some of the MOST special ladies in my life- we roasted marshmellows, laughed and cried.  These ladies are SO beautiful to me and I am so thankful for their love.

NEW camera’s make him happy.  Flowers and ice cream make me happy: that’s golden oreo and icing on the cake and its so so so good.

Isaiah took off work on Friday and we headed to the “Taste of Tacoma” to watch our boys, The BGP, perform in hopefully one of their very LAST free shows.  Check them out this summer on America’s Got Talent on NBC.

Also spent the weekend  trying out our very version round of food photography at Nordstrom’s Cafe, hanging with Aubree at her graduation party (one of our 2011 seniors) and it was amazing meeting her friends, hanging with her family and seeing her pride in her senior photos.

and holding it down for two of our good friends by watching their 4 boys all who are 12 and under.  Discovered that my friend Anna, the mother of these 4 boys is pretty much my hero…. she run’s marathons, works as a manager, does makeup for our shoots, is a Pastor’s wife and raises four boys, all beautifully hardly without breaking a sweat.  She is the epitome of a Proverbs 31 woman and made me respect and love her even more.  Oh and her car… well, lets just say I would babysit 4 boys again for the opportunity to roll around in it.

and alas, but not least, our major senior street team shoot which happened yesterday and put me out today. i am so tired. 12 models, 4 boys, 7 girls, 3 makeup artist, 2 hairstylist, 1 fashion stylists, 2 assistants and 3 photographers make for some really fun images.  more on our street team program and more on why a street team and no senior reps, coming to the blog soon.

Shout out to our team:

Ralph Gayle, Anna Groves, Jamyrlyn Mallory, Isabel Boyd, Kristal Locke, Melissa Shaffett, Kristal Clark, Miriam Ryle, Aubreeana Ryle, April Greer Studios

Shout out to our 2012 seniors:

Wes, Stacy, Nyzhe, Tre, Collins, Brittany, Chelsea, Andrew, Willie, Tasha, Melina, Motu and guest starring: Savannah

Such a fun day!  Lots of amazing stuff happening this week- see you next Monday!