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Mobile Monday: 4th of July Edition, {Tacoma Portrait Photographer, Tacoma WA}


Happy 4th of July!!! It’s Mobile Monday and its been a great week- well last week + I anticipate that this week will be incredible too!

Last Sunday, the 26th we did our HUGE senior shoot- I have yet to blog and tell you the when’s, what’s and why’s: the purpose behind that shoot- but I am hoping to get to that this week.  It was sooo cool the next day and waking up and seeing what I saw below: EVERY single person we worked with had one of our pics as their profile picture on Facebook!  That to me equals success and straight up love from our clients and friends…

This week we were also featured in Pictage’s “Connect” magazine, along with another one our Pug-gers, Keren of K.Fenton Photography.  We talked a little bit about ourselves, what makes us unique and keeps us loving photography!  It was so cool to be featured and even cooler to be the first!  In addition, we were featured on the photo blog site called “Inside the Locker.”  Its a blog for high school senior photographers and every other week, the creator features senior portrait photogs from around the country- LHP was the spotlight last Monday and we were absolutely honored!  I will be posting that later this week too, but if you dont want to wait, head over to insidethelocker.com

took a real train down the highway to Vancouver to hook up with one of my dearest friends and colleagues Annie, to shoot her upcoming nuptials.  It was a absolutely stunning day, the light was perfect and it was awesome to hang with friends.  When I got their I was greeted by all the bridesmaids and we went to get our nails did.  I got shellac’d!

then we came back to the crib and went 4-wheeling and its been almost 5 days since I had my nails done and they still look brand spankin new!

after screaming and running around meeting people- we headed over to rehearsal at Lac de’Fleur Gardens, which happened to be just down the street from Annie’s.

and can I tell you that even though those are JUST garter snakes, they still scared the mess out of us girls.

btw, the prizes in cracker jacks arent what they used to be.

Annie’s wedding was such a thrill, and hopefully in the next couple hrs Ill find the words to describe it so I can share it with you!

It was a incredible weekend, followed by a even better week to come!

Until next time!