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Annie+Aaron {Sneak Peek Preview}: Vintage, Shabby Chic DIY Destination Wedding; Lac De’ Fleur Gardens, Washougal, WA, {Tacoma Wedding Photographer}


Annie and Aaron are such a special couple, their love, one, that is passionate for eachother, but also passionate for others.  I have been thinking for days what I could say about these two that would even begin to put into words who they are and what they mean to so many, especially me and still at this moment I am at a loss for words.

Annie and Aaron are so special to me.  So genuine and have been truer friends to Ike and I then people we have known so long.  If there were a 3rd or 4th member of our LHP team, it would be these two, as Annie and I spend the majority of our days in front of computers, using eachother via skype to entertain ourselves.  Over a little less than a year, Annie has gone from being a friend to being a sister to me.  Someone who I can cry with, someone I can trust, someone who helps put me back together.

When Annie and I met, her relationship with Aaron was more than strong.  They were in the process of planning their wedding and had just recently a few months earlier gotten engaged.  At that time, Aaron was away playing basketball overseas and Annie, like me, was getting the hang of full-time photography.  Our common frusturation is what brought us together, along with our significant others being away during the day, and in her case the night too.  As we worked thru the perils of self-employment, we realized that there were so many things we had in common and that maybe even God might have something to do with bringing us together and our whirlwind crash into sisterhood.

In late December, when Annie asked us to shoot her wedding, I thought she was joking.  Being a photographer herself, I knew there had to have been a million other people who would have done a better job… but she said she wanted us, that she wanted this to be OUR wedding.  Well, Annie, this was OUR wedding!  Its 6:46a and I haven’t been to sleep since I saw you yesterday afternoon, because OUR wedding has excited me so much and given me the adrenaline and passion to fall in love with wedding photography all over again. When Aaron came home, and confirmed that he was ok with Annie’s decision to hire us we moved forward with the planning.  Shooting another photographer’s headshots are nervewracking enough, needless to say a wedding…  well, just picture butterflies and major stomach aches, but nonetheless we got it done.

Annie + Aaron’s day was absolutely perfect, full of laughter, tears, fun stories about their lives both together and apart and what their life is going to be in the future, and very uncommon for WA state, but not one single cloud in the sky.  They chose the beautiful venue “Lac de’ Fleur Gardens” out of Washougal and focused on bringing old fashion America to the present time.  Annie’s attention to detail was spectacular-pulling nostalgic pieces and sentimental items into every part of her ceremony, down to the hankerchiefs that wrapped around the bouquets to the bird seed to homemade jams and breads available to every guest to the mason jars that served strawberry lemonade.  This wedding was full of incredible DIY fixtures that made it absolutely perfect.

Its hard to believe that the images below represent a sampling of the overall day, but its true.  There were so many things that happened that I could barely keep myself from wanting to share all of them, but alas, a sneak peek.
Annie + Aaron- we love you SO and thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such a special day of yours.  We hope you cherish these visual images forever!

Note: Make sure to scroll to the bottom for a special fusion video experience!!


Event Coordinator: Kelly Sarich
Ceremony + Reception Venue: Lac de’ Fleur Gardens, Washougal WA

Officiant: Bill Pubols
Caterer: Simply Thyme, Vancouver, WA
Cake: Just Cakes by Viki, Vancouver, WA
Bridal Bouquet & Boutonniere: Flowers Washougal, Washougal WA
Bridesmaids Bouquets: Vancouver Saturday Market (DIY)
Wedding Dress: Allure Bridals, Sweetheart Manor, Boise, ID
Bridal accessories: Givenchy, Macy’s
Bridal Fascinator: A Vintage Vibe
Brides and Bridesmaids apparel + Accessories from: belong to bridesmaids
Groom and Groomsmen accessories: Men’s Wearhouse
Hair: Julie Jerome, Las Vegas, NV
MUA: Pauline Lozano, Washougal, WA
Centerpieces & Details: Bride and bridal party/DIY

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