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Stylized Shoot: Bella Signature Designs, Las Vegas Pt 1


I feel like I have been sitting on these images- but I am so glad I finally get to post them!!  Remember a couple weeks back when I said we were published for the first time??!  Well, this was the shoot.  A stylized shoot with Daniela Faget of Bella Signature Designs out in Las Vegas, NV during WPPI 2011.
I got the opportunity to shoot for Daniela with about 20 other photographers one very hot Monday in February.  It was full sun, right around noon and I had no reflector or flash.  We practiced shooting quickly, with lots of different photographers around, we practiced finding angles, and Daniela taught us what publishers look for when submitting a wedding.

This post will come in 3-4 parts, this being the first and the hardest situation for me to shoot in FULL SUN, NO SHADE. Ack.  I have learned so much since WPPI and so appreciated coming away from Vegas with this experience under my belt.

Shout out to my friend, Laura Marchbanks, who is the model featured below (remember 4-week wedding via Jasmine Star, well Daniela= wedding planner + Laura= real bride). You can check out Laura’s work, who happens to be a photographer here: www.lauramarchbanks.com  and Daniela’s work here: www.bellasignature.com.

More coming soon!