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We Are Family: The Robertson’s


I think it so important to take pictures and all the time.  I think it even more important to have professional pictures of your family at least once a year.  Like paying bills or oil changes- I think creating visual family heirlooms for your children and your family is invaluable.  Its so funny- I often will intentionally grab things, or stow them away with my children in mind because I want them to see things or know things about Isaiah and I that only a object or a picture will be able to tell the story of.   There’s nothing like having family tree that you can see- memories and traditions laid out- or a beautiful portrait from a custom photographer or a studio that shows you where you come from and who you were at that particular time in history.
I love our families that come back every year to do pictures with us (granted its only been two years- but still).  Its amazing to see the changes in their family and how people have grown, the outfits and the genuine love for eachother that pictures so tell,  all of those things that memory and life sometime forget.  Its so important to take pictures- but its even more important to be in them.  No day is promised and who wants to count on their mind to remember.

Growing up, away from my family, in foster care I always wondered who I was and where I fit.  Who I looked like and what history a picture could tell of life before me.  I was raised by a amazing woman who was my best friend, and even in passing continues to influence me daily.  When I was born, she had already raised 9 kids and at 51 pictures were likely the furthest from her mind, so of my childhood there are very few pictures, but those few pictures, battered and worn I cherish.  I cherish the pictures of my ashy knees and my big glasses and nappy hair standing proudly next to my grandmother.  I cherish the pictures of me in my full body footy pajamas…. laying my head on my grandma’s lap while we watched tv.  This woman, who has been gone for almost three years, who raised me to be the woman that I am, I never have to wonder about or trust my mind to remember and although, the story before my life is missing- the future will not be.  It my commitment to my husband and to my unborn children and their children.

I love that Marvin made pictures a priority for his family.  He called up Isaiah and said “Man, I gotta get family pictures.”   He gathered his sisters, niece and immediate family and we went out one Saturday morning to make his request a reality.  It was important to him to show who his family is today- what they look like, how they move together, to tell the story for  the future.  I love this session because soon they will welcome a new member into their family, a grandchild due later this fall.  It will be fun for Marvin to point at the picture and show the belly where this child was during the session.

There is no better time than the present to make pictures a priority.  Whether it is us or someone you know, or Sears portrait studio- schedule family photos, it is so important. Do NOT wait to lose weight or when you can afford new clothes.  Don’t wait for the perfect time because it will never come.  Now is the time, don’t miss the opportunity!

The Robertson family below.   Enjoy!