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The Nelson Family, Family Portrait Photographer, Tacoma, WA


Layci and Nick have over the last 11 years become some of our dearest friends.  It was Layci who I worked my first job together at 18 co-directing a camp for “at risk” youth in Tacoma’s Hilltop.  Nearly 5 years later, Layci took a leap of faith on me and hired me for one of my first loves YouthBuild.  I worked one year in the trenches with her, and with her recommendation was promoted to her job of YouthBuild Director as she left me to pursue life in rustic Montana.
Over the years our friendship has grown and grown and grown thru laughs about life and our past hairstyles and fashion trends, to late night work parties, to summer trips to Montana to advice on how to tiptoe out of my job into my dream.  I value her friendship so much and Nick’s drive.  He has worked feverishly over the last four years to get his doctorate and recently graduated and has received his first Doctor of Pharmacy job at a local dive in Yakima.

I was so excited to hear they were coming to town and HAD to take a opportunity to shoot them and their newest, most handsome and sweetest addition.  Sadly this shoot isnt as creative as I’d like, because I was LITERALLY smack dab in the middle of moving when it happened, but states the case just the same: this family is sweet and they are in love.  with life. with eachother AND oh so bless.

I am so thankful to call them friends and EVEN more excited that tomorrow morning I will be headed out to Montana, for one of the last times before they move back to Eastern WA,  to see them & shoot a wedding in West Glacier.

Enjoy my dear friends as much as I do, below.