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The Tweets, Tacoma Family Photographer, Tacoma WA


love the Tweets.  love who they are.  love their hearts and ABSOLUTELY love their toffee!  check them out here: Tweet Toffee.  I first met the Tweet”s, well Ben, during one of our photo session last fall in Pioneer Square, Seattle.  Tweet Toffee, his family’s company, was participating in a outdoor fair and was selling their toffee bars.  I had a sample & it was SO good- I talked about it for weeks.  A month later, I find out that the Tweet’s were donating some crazy insane amount of toffee to my church for women’s conference!  It was so good, again, and prompted a swirl of conversation between me and my cousin Portia, who was visiting at the time about HOW YUMMY the toffee was!  My last major encounter with the Tweets was when they agreed to sponsor our first ever “Food 4 Foto” event and the recap here.  Our event turned out so well we were able to feed 5 families for Thanksgiving! It was amazing!  In exchange for their generosity I agreed to do a family session for them, and after months of planning- we finally got one in.
Of course the day and time we chose had to be one of the warmest most incredible days here; which for me means difficulty while shooting- but nonetheless we trudge on.  The Tweet’s truly are the sweetest family.  Their children are such a great example of the amazing upbringing that they are recieving, quick with the hellos, hugs and thank you’s and so helpful to both of their parents. I really enjoyed my time with the Tweets + I am happy to annouce that starting August 1- every portrait package purchased with disc of images will recieve a bar of Tweet Toffee with their order!!  That’s good news… and no worries, order form included so you can order your own!!

Take a look of a few snaps from the day!