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Mobile Monday: film is not dead, dirty 30 and new new new


Last week was so much fun.  My best friend of all friends turned from her 2’s to her 3’s and is now 30 years old.  As her best and younger friend, I felt it my duty to spoil her all week- so we hit our high school hang out “Jubilee Burgers” and had one of these bad boys. SO so so sooo good.  Then we ate Spicy bites and drank slurpees from 7-11.  I know totally out of control.  Our stomaches didn’t handle it like we were still in high school.

Friday night I got some of her closest local friends, who ended up being ALL girls, and had a dessert night and we toasted to the turn from 29 to 30.  The night was so fun.  Full of wisdom, advice, laughter, lots of sweets and a few gunshots???!  yeah… I live in the hood.

and although I am not greek, I take pride in my friend’s sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated and tried to make sure all of her details reflected such.

Joined a co-op called “Bountiful Baskets,” to get some really yummy fruits and veggies.  Every Mondays and Tuesdays- you can go to their site, pay $16.00 and get 1 weeks supply of fruits and veggies.  The following Saturday you go to the co-op location and pick up your order.  It is such a savings and such a cool project. I loved it!  My fruit is fresh and yummy and much cheaper than buying it in the stores.

Film is NOT dead.  Ask me how I know??!   My husband just bought his first Nikon F100, a film camera and $70 worth of film to experiment. It so exciting to watch him dive in.  He’s so excited and curious and is following all of the new film greats: Jose Villa, Jennifer Tai (who is local) and Jonathan Canlas to name a few.  I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

Oh and this week… I was super productive, got shellac’d and went thru all of my clothes and jewelry for Christian Faith Center’s Women’s Event: Bargain Boutique- Its going to be a blast and I can’t wait to see what I come home with!

The best thing that happened last week: NEW BLOG + WEBSITE!!  Thanks to Sitehouse Designs, Showit, Jasmine Star for giving me 1 year subscription to Showit and Lindsay Giberson of LMGiberson photography for revising our blog to look like our new website!

We are so happy with the new look we are thrilled to blog, shoot, update etc!  We are finally grown ups!

Check out the new photomelatasha.com and tell us what ya think!

See you next week!