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Its been 4 years… our story.


It’s been four years.  Four adventurous, challenging, happy and fun years.

We met 6 years ago when on a site called Myspace.  You might remember it, the blanking orange people icons, and customizable profiles, complete with music to entertain as the public stalked you?

I was new. I wasn’t too keen, but having just moved back to Tacoma from Portland where I attended undergrad, new to University of Washington, one of my friends convinced me to get a Myspace.  I  signed in, logged on and day after day, his picture showed up in the “cool new people to meet “ box.  Who is he?  Why is he so cool?  Why should I know him and why does he keep showing up? I don’t know anyone in Prince George, Virginia.

My curiosity got the best of me, as I clicked and read his profile and instantly fell in deep like with a man in Virginia, who  I should know according to Myspace.  Turns out they were right and he is P-R-E-T-T-Y cool!

4 years later, a wedding in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, because of this man I have made it through some of life’s toughest moments.

Isaiah has changed so much about who I am and improves me constantly as a person.  He encouraged me to search for my birth family, having grown up in foster care in Tacoma, never knowing who they were.  After just a few short months they turned up in no other than Virginia and South Carolina, Georgetown to be exact, just 30 minutes from the location we chose to have our wedding.

He encouraged me to pick up a camera, and although it took 2.5 years for me to actually use, my Nikon D-40, here we are today, with you reading this photography blog.

He balances me so.  Keeps me from being so serious and gives me a life,  with a name and a future I can anticipate and be proud of.

We have walked through some hard life.  We have buried our loved ones, lost some good friends, moved well over 10 times together and lost some relationships we thought we would have forever, but we have gained so much together and one of the things I have personally learned through all that life has thrown our way is that whether we are losing or winning in this game, I need him on my team… playing life right next to me.

These days marriage is so fleeting.  So invaluable.  We were prepping for marriage fairly young, 22 and 23 with the world ahead of us.  In our generation it’s so easy to walk away when things get tough and we’ve been through some tough stuff, but God’s grace is so sufficient and marriage is His most amazing gift to us.  It’s our job to make it work, to fight for it, to die to ourselves daily and walk in truth towards all God has for our life partner and us (obviously I know there are situations when this isn’t possible).  There is so much blessing wrapped up in the decision to join with someone else and its so blessed when you decide to walk it out for better or worse and til death.

We have celebrated some very joyful times and had to crawl through some tough ones but I am honored to walk towards every anniversary with this man and wouldn’t dream of doing my destiny with anyone else!

Happy Anniversary my love!

If your married, take the time to enjoy your spouse today- I know I will be!