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Priscilla + Cesar: Lake Wilderness Lodge Wedding, Maple Valley Washington {Tacoma Wedding Photographer}


It was such a joy to be a part of Cesar and Priscilla’s wedding day last month.  You might remember their engagement session a few months ago.  Cesar and Priscilla have one of the truest and sweetest loves that we have had the opportunity to be a part of.
Their wedding took place on a Friday afternoon at the Lake Wilderness Lodge in Maple Valley, WA.  It was one of the rare Friday’s in July when the sky was clear and the sun was bright.   The couple opted for a first look, which is awesome because it allow for such great pictures without the pressure of a schedule.  The day was smooth, it wasn’t rushed which is always a plus.  We even got a 1.5 hour break after pictures to pause and reflect.  It was so chill, Priscilla even got to take a nap, how’s that for good planning?

The ceremony took place just before sunset and was a beautiful exchange of vows. Priscilla and Cesar chose to take communion, were giving their first family Bible, were lasso’d and lit a unity candle during the ceremony.  Watching these two become one was a occasion full of emotion and celebration.  I found myself choked up on more than once.

The reception was my favorite, full of laughter and tears, the couple hired a mariachi band and were serenaded by many talented members of their families, including the mother of the bride.

Priscilla and Cesar, thank you so much for allowing Isaiah and I the absolute joy and honor of photographing your special day.  Your love and care for each other is not only a inspiration but a example of how wife should treat husband and vice versa.  As we celebrate 4 years of wedded bliss, I am thrilled to share your wedding images with you!



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