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Mobile Monday- Its August!


Its August!! One of my favorite months of the year.  Traditionally it signifies kinda the end of summer, if you actually get one of those- I live in the NW and we barely do.  Why would I be excited about the end of summer, you ask??!  Duh because it FALL! I love fall. I love the changing of the trees, the harvest moon- the smell of the air- it gets me excited and I absolutely LOVE shooting in fall around these parts.  Its absolutely amazing.  Seriously, its overwhelming the color pallette and just really helps me understand and appreciate this part of the country better.

So August for me means my favorite season the year is on its way.

August is also the month my life changed, four years ago on the 17th I married this super cool guy I met on Myspace.  He lived on the east and I resided on the west.  Four years ago, we said I do and its been one wild ride.  I am so excited to celebrate with my honey and look forward to our 5 year old birthday next year.

Speaking of celebrating!!!  This week was so MUCH fun as I got to celebrate the birth of my dear friend Junko!  She has blessed my life so much and this birthday was one of those “landmark” birthdays!!  Yep, yep, she just turned 21- how’d you know!  She’s the sweet chick in the middle below… the other girl, my best friend, celebrates her 30th birthday with her twin brother tomorrow.  I will be throwing her a birthday bash this Friday night and I couldn’t be more excited.  Check out the picture next to it….. it was straight dance party USA up in there.

Isaiah and I also had the joy of shooting our 5th wedding this year.  We are just a little under half way thru our season with 6 more weddings to go this year!  This season has been a blast!  Our first true wedding season as full- time photographers we have had the most amazing couples and have really enjoyed getting to know them.  Check back for our most current work!

This week we ALSO trended on a Google search- which was awesome!!! I was pretty stoked!  Have you ever googled yourself??!  We did this week and we were TOTALLY surprise by where our images were hiding out- all good, no stolen, but still so cool!   Also, got to skype from a wedding with one of my best friends, Annie.  Love that girl A TON.  She was one of our 2011 brides and I just absolutely adore her!

hung out a bit in downtown Seattle, Pioneer Square and discovered these awesome tree socks from a rotating artist- not sure who but still pretty cool.

Planning a awesome retreat around the game Candyland

and finished and started my week at my favorite place on earth!