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Pursuit 31 is coming to Seattle!


I have been blessed to be a part of so many amazing photography communities as we have grown over the last two years, but one in particular that is closest to my heart is called Pursuit 31.  Pursuit 31 is a photography group based around the Proverbs 31 woman in the bible + the desires of every woman to do the best for themselves, their home, their husband and their children.  In this group there are a variety of women in all different walks of life that have at least two things in common, loving God and loving photography. I have watched this Facebook group quickly grow from 100 women to nearly 800 and it’s a beautiful community to be a part of, where your safe to ask for advice, to share your hopes and dreams or just to pray.

I joined Pursuit 31 in early January, after my sweet friend Elizabeth Ann introduced me to it (she’s a little dynamo and just celebrated her sweet 16 and runs a successful business out of Birmingham: you can see her work here) and in early spring had the opportunity to host its creator, Karen Stott in my home for a few days.  Over the course of those days I got the chance to really know Karen and her heart both for the Lord and for women and was touched.  She wants the things of God for her life and for all of the people she comes in contact with. I admired it so much and I am so thankful that she agreed to bring her retreat here to Seattle.

So if you love photography, but are you tired and trying to figure out a way to make the workload and your regular life make sense again OR if your a mommy who is tired of your kids tugging at your arm or complaining about your love for you pictures over them OR if your like me and  want to spend more time with your husband and grab hold of balance again?  This retreat is cut out just for YOU!

Karen, created Pursuit 31 just for you and wants to see you at the retreat.  It doesn’t have to be one OR the other- there is a way to balance the yin of photography with the yang of your life.

There is ALSO some GREAT news!!  Karen is giving away 1 seat, and 1 swag bag at each retreat date. You can find the information for that here.

If you have financial need and REALLY want to come but aren’t quite sure how to make it work- you can enter to win a scholarship!

TO ENTER THE RETREAT SCHOLARSHIP: Write a blog post on why you want to come to a Pursuit 31 Retreat.  (A link to the Pursuit 31 website AND this blog post must be included in your post for it to be valid) Then go post a link to your blog post on the Pursuit 31 Facebook Fan Page + include the city you are trying to attend.  Once you have posted your link, invite your friends and family to like your post on the P31 Fan Page.  The 3 people with the most “likes” on their link per city will be put into a raffle and will be selected as winner!

In addition to a seat at a retreat, we are having a FB/Twitter contest to win a P31 Swag bag filled with over $1,000 of goodies from our sponsors including:

Every tweet + Facebook post will gain you extra entries into the contest so tweet tweet and post away. Just link to this blog post via FB and tag the Pursuit 31 Fan Page or Tweet out a link to this blog post, tag @pursuit31 and use hashtag  #P31swagbag. The contest ends August 7th and the winner will be announced August 8th so keep your ear to the street and make sure to keep posting!

For additional savings, if you register before specific dates YOU can have some MAJOR savings!

Before August 11th $200 off

Before September 1st– $150 off

Before September 15th -$100 off

Before October 1st -$50 off

And our Seattle Retreat is October 27th– 28th.

Can’t make it to the workshop; join Karen on Wednesday October 26th at the October Tacoma PUG meeting.  Message me directly for details and locations.

If you ready to make the commitment to the retreat, please sign up and register at the link below:

Pursuit 31- Seattle Retreat

We cannot wait to see you and get to know you better!!