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The Uson’s: A Summer’s Eve! {Tacoma Family Photographer, Tacoma WA}


There is nothing more special then a family picture! I talk about it all the time.  They are so valuable to keep track of your family’s growth and development.  When Ike and I have our little family, I cannot wait to book sessions with some of our favorite photographers.
Its so much fun to see family’s come together, interact and show where they are through a simple click of the camera.  Isaiah and I have had the joy of photographing the family below twice this year.  They opened 2011 as our very first family session and they closed our summer as one of our last.  They are so special to us and its so fun to watch them grow and change.  Tre, pictured below this blog, is one of our 2012 Street Team members and its been a pleasure getting to know him and his family that much more.

We met at Ft. Steilacoom Park in Steilacoom WA during one of those golden “California-type” evenings and went to work, laughing and tickling and joking around.  Below a few results from our time together!

We are currently booking family session for your holiday cards.  Inquire about our mini sessions coming November 2011 at <latasha at photomelatasha dot com>.

Have a great day!