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Teddi Lorraine- a 2012 River Ridge High School Senior, Pt 1 {Senior Picture Photographer, Tacoma WA}


Teddi was SUCH a trooper for her senior pictures, literally.  Days before our session was scheduled, she was hanging out and stepped on something that got lodge in her foot.  After hours of trying to get it out herself, with mom’s help of course, they realized the situation was MUCH too severe and had to go to the hospital.  Teddi showed up to her session with me on crutches, barely able to walk, or navigate.  She was so amazing and kept such a positive attitude in spite of it and I can’t wait to get her out again, this time all limbs and pertinent body parts working properly.
We limped around Downtown Tacoma for her senior pictures,  just before sunset and looked for interesting backgrounds that Teddi could kinda interact with  with little to no effort.  She such a beautiful girl and the lighting was amazing, her standing was pretty much all that was needed to capture how stunning she is.  As we chased sunset, we laughed and joked about the irony of it all.  Teddi is a active basketball player who LOVES the color….  well I bet you could guess by looking and we so enjoyed our time with her.

Can’t wait to get out with Teddi and really rock in the 2nd half of her session coming up in a few weeks..  for now enjoy these sneaks!