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And the Class of 2013 LHP Street Team Members are…… {Tacoma Senior Picture Photographer, Tacoma, WA}

The Street Team

I am SO EXCITED and thrilled to announce the newest members of the LHP Street Team!!  I can’t even believe its been a year since we came up with this CRAZY idea and picked out the 12 fantastic young people to represent us for the Class of 2012.  As we close out their orders and prepare for graduation, its with excitement that as we say goodbye- we will be opening a NEW door to work with some pretty dynamic young people for the 2012-2013 school year.
Isaiah and I learned so much last year and have worked to make sure this year is EVEN more special then the last, creating AMAZING custom photo session and really really cool prizes that include the NEWLY added Best Friend Session and VIP Party!

After reading the 21 applications that came in for Street Team it was sooooooooo hard making the decision and narrowing it down to just 8 high school juniors , so we PICKED 9,  and we are so confident in our choices and know that we will surpass our goal from last year with the help of these amazing young people.

So without further ado…..  our AWESOME NINE  from all over the South Puget Sound region!!!


Stay tuned because I so look forward to introducing each of these amazing seniors to you!!!

To see more about the LHP Street click here.